Our Approach

Lean Leaders engages with business leaders and business owners who value:

  • Thorough analysis and assessment of current state
  • A collaborative approach to identify opportunities for improvement and solutions to action
  • Trusted advisors who are as comfortable engaging your front-line employees as executive leadership
  • Action and project plans that reinforce joint accountability and deliver measurable results using SMART target methodology
  • Leaders that understand the importance of engaged people and systems that align with operational processes
  • A fresh perspective and a desire to change, challenge status quo, and invest in a continuous improvement mindset

Jonathan D. King

Founder & CEO

Our Story

After decades of combined experience putting out fires and correcting operational and organizational challenges for Fortune 500 companies, Jonathan decided it was time to put his experience and skills to work assisting others. Lean Leaders launched in 2017 and is growing quickly as more business owners look to simplify business operations, reduce costs, and improve profits!

Next Steps...

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