Process Improvement

We work with your team to assist with process development and documentation, including identification and reduction of waste, continuous improvement activities, and simplification of process.

Fractional Operations Leadership (COO)

Are you spending too much time managing day to day operations? Are you having difficulty connecting your operations team to the customer experience? Find out how Lean Leaders fractional COO services can help.

Lean Leadership Development

We provide mid and senior level managers with lean leadership development using proven Lean and TPS methodologies focused on respect for people, development of standard work, and identification and reduction of waste.

Questions to Ask

  • Is the phrase "we've always done it this way" common among your operations team?
  • Is your company struggling to connect operations with the sales and customer experience?
  • Are day to day operations getting in the way of your growth?
  • Does your operations team suffer from a lack of engagement of lack of fresh ideas for improvement?
  • Are you having difficulty developing operations metrics that drive behavior and performance that align with the customer experience?
  • Is your Operations team struggling to scale or keep up with significant increases in volume?
  • Are defects or errors common in your product or processes?
  • Are you struggling to document your operational processes?
  • Is your team performing similar tasks using different methods, leading to inconsistent results?

Next Steps...

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